George Ormerod

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I have been teaching in Adult Education since 1998. Currently I am teaching at:

John Spence
Newcastle upon Tyne.Tel. 0191 2961432, or NTCALA 01916432288

Classes are on a thursday night 7-9pm

I teach both beginners and those with some experience, working on the potter’s wheel hand building vessels and sculptural objects, decorating with slips and glazes.

"A very competent Potter in his own right, George enthuses members of the class as he shares his skills in the different techniques of pottery. He builds the confidence of students, suggesting how their skills can be enhanced, enabling the learner to develop in the use of different techniques. His class is both stimulating and rewarding, as students are able to express their own personality while learning new and sometimes complex skills and techniques. It has been a privilege to know and work with George over the past 10 years"
David Burgess - S.R.N. ; B.Ed (Hons) ; M.Sc.

"George is an excellent teacher. He is always smiling and encouraging us. He is infinitely patient and always listens to the needs of his students"
Monica Wong


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